WebSphere Portal Admins – Join our team

June 30, 2010

BoB Partners is continuing to grow and we’re looking for experienced WebSphere Portal Administrators.  If you have experience in configuring, deploying and managing WAS and Portal in a medium to large enterprise, we have great opportunities for you.  We are looking for three to five new consultants to join our team.

Send your resume to:  bob@bobpartners.com

Social Media Revolution 2 (refresh)

May 24, 2010

Recently I was invited to speak to the Sacramento Area CIO roundtable group about Social Media in the enterprise.  My message to CIO’s – Get ready for the “facebook” era to change how your employees, partners and customers communicate.  Much like we saw with the beginning of the internet, IT organizations are letting marketing lead the way to social computing while IT spends time “locking out” the social networks.  IT needs to take the lead in embracing Social computing in being open, secure and providing the proper policies and procedures.

Think Social is a fad?  Here’s the latest update video about the Social Media Revolution… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lFZ0z5Fm-Ng&feature=related

Want to understand more about how social is working in organizations like yours?  Contact me for a personal presentation about Social, the key players in the market, and what is in store in the next twelve months.

Welcome to BoB Partners

February 25, 2010

Where Social Media and Mobile Converge!

Best of Breed Technology Partners is a Systems Integration and Consulting firm delivering software solutions using market leading products and open source technologies for reliable and scalable enterprise systems.

By leveraging your existing investments, lowering your acquisition, maintenance and cost of ownership, we provide your organization a competitive edge through the use of best of breed products and services.

We specialize in Social Computing, Portal, Content Management, Business Process, Collaboration & Mobile Computing.

We’ve created this new interactive website so we can all be active participants in the Social revolution.  Your questions and feedback can be submitted almost anywhere on our site, and we’ll respond right away.  Social and Mobile really do make a difference!

Mobile Surpasses the Desktop for Social Networking

February 19, 2010

A recent study from Ruder Finn revealed that Americans are spending nearly three hours per day on their mobile phones. And what are they doing there? Educating themselves, conducting business, managing finances, instant messaging, emailing? All of the above, as it turns out, and then some. But perhaps the most interesting finding from the new data is the fact that more people are using the mobile web to socialize (91%) compared to the 79% of desktop users who do the same. It appears that the mobile phone is actually a better platform for social networking than the PC.

But Social Networking is not just about friends and families.  Organizations need to “host” this dynamic environment for the employees, business partners and customers.  If they don’t, customers will leave and employees will follow close behind.

How are your employees communicating across hierarchical boundaries?  Can you employees simply look-up contacts, like colleagues and business partners, on their company directory and quickly message them with a question?  Can they set up a virtual workgroup to solve a project or problem?

Let me know how your company is addressing this.